Dark Fiction

A slow decline into hell

You make me sick

I look at you and I feel disgust. I am trying to summarise that which disgusts me most, and I can tell it will take me some time.

Your mannerisms, they are so awkward and weird. Why do you move in such a way, as though your body has been dead for a number of years, and someone has revived you? You twitch and jolt across the room.

Your face, a smudge of smugness that cannot be wiped off. When you speak your mouth looks like a slug oozing around your face, and the words that come out are no better than slug shit.

You are so fat your body hangs around you like a wobbling, gelatinous mountain which you live inside, hiding from everything.

Worst of all is your soul, your attitude towards life, your sick mind, your hatred, and you. I hate you with all my being, man in the mirror.

My only consolation, no one will ever hate you as much as I hate you.

The Breaking Heart

I have not been here for a while. At first the pain is such a shock but then I sink into it, my whole body shaking and twitching, as though escaping from the cold into a warm bath. The heartburn, the way you squeeze my mind, making my muscles tense, the panic, the terror of living, of breathing. I truly love this pain. It is my only companion.

It Is Done

She is dead.

Of a Demon In My View

Go away. Just GO AWAY. He is here right now. I see him. He is evil. Pure dark evil. He wants to scratch me. He sits there in a pool of blackness staring at me, his hunger visible in his eyes.

I ignore him so he creeps closer. I know if I make eye-contact, I am lost. It is when I acknowledge him that we fight, and I lose. I always lose. He is too strong.

Maybe. Maybe one day I can run, or I’ll be strong enough to beat him. Or maybe one day he just won’t be there.

Go away. Just GO AWAY.

Slow decline into hell

My existence has been a slow slide towards this darkness that I now inhabit. I prowl. The worst parts of life keep me company. I dare not stare too hard into the blackness that surrounds me, I fear there is always a deeper depravity.

I sink always downwards.