Dark Fiction

A slow decline into hell

It Is Done

She is dead.

Of a Demon In My View

Go away. Just GO AWAY. He is here right now. I see him. He is evil. Pure dark evil. He wants to scratch me. He sits there in a pool of blackness staring at me, his hunger visible in his eyes.

I ignore him so he creeps closer. I know if I make eye-contact, I am lost. It is when I acknowledge him that we fight, and I lose. I always lose. He is too strong.

Maybe. Maybe one day I can run, or I’ll be strong enough to beat him. Or maybe one day he just won’t be there.

Go away. Just GO AWAY.

Slow decline into hell

My existence has been a slow slide towards this darkness that I now inhabit. I prowl. The worst parts of life keep me company. I dare not stare too hard into the blackness that surrounds me, I fear there is always a deeper depravity.

I sink always downwards.

Staying In My Play Pretend

We measure and deny in the same breath,

Our worth in terms of others’,

For that is all we are.

The Path

I must get to the end. I need to know what is at the end. What is the meaning of this path? Why is it here? I need to know. Quick, hurry, hurry hurry.

All of these people sitting on the path, they are in the way. They walk and idle along like they think it’s some game. Silly people. I will get to the end first, I will know what it all means. Quickly, quickly.

If someone gets in my way I will push them over. I will hit and kick them away. Punch, kick, push, bite. Hurry, hurry.

I think I can see the end. Yes. There is a man holding a mirror standing next to a large hole in the ground. As I approach I can see my reflection. I look old and wrinkled. There are moving images in the mirror. It is me walking. I can see the reflection of my walk along the path, as though I’m looking back in time.

I see myself walking along with my shoulders hunched over, eyes pointed down at my feet, and I look angry and annoyed. People around me are smiling and laughing, they are dancing and joking, jumping and singing. I feel sad watching my journey.

The man grabs me by the arm and says “This is the end of the path.”

He pushes me into the hole and all is black.


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